Welcome to Kateopia!

Like many young women growing up in the United States, I was a magazine enthusiast. Cradling the glossy pages in my lap, I pored over every article. I marked my wish list with a pink marker, dreaming about the day those goodies could be mine. Clothes, makeup, hair products, I wanted it all!

Unfortunately, there were two major roadblocks to my shopping dreams: money and geography. To solve my money problems, I began picking up shifts as a barista. Despite my new cash flow, I was unable to pursue the vast world of shopping portrayed in my beloved magazines. I grew up in Small Town, USA, the nearest shopping mall was thirty minutes away. And that ‘mall’ was a poorly lit strip mall containing a little more than an Old Navy, American Eagle, and a Claire’s.

To avoid duplicating the same wardrobe as every other girl in the county, I turned to unearthed treasures found in thrift stores and yard sales. Although I could usually find some interesting pieces, the amount of time and energy to peruse the junk was inconvenient.

Enter online shopping. Once I discovered the world of online shopping, I never looked back. Suddenly, retailers across the country were available at the click of the button. But, online shopping came with its own problems. Shipping time and costs, unreliable customer service, size chart variations, and more!

Was it too much to ask for all my favorite things in one online store? And just like that Kateopia was born. A collection of things handpicked by me, just for you.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions, feedback or a product that you would like to see in our store.

A portion of each sale is donated to support women education and sustainable economic development via microfinancing at Kiva.

Email: kate@kateopia.com
Phone: 443-637-4324